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Empowering Young Eagles


The Bible tells us in Luke 18:16 that the children should come to Him and we are not to hinder them because the Kingdom of God belongs to them…they are young eagles learning to fly. With His Word in mind, MSEC offers a Children's gathering on Sunday Mornings. The children are taught lessons that are relevant to their culture and every day walk with Jesus. Along with the lesson, the children also participate in crafts. These crafts serve as a reminder of what Jesus would do in any situation that they may face. The children are a very important part of His Kingdom and we feel it is our job to empower them as young eagles.

Four Winds Prayer Ministry

Four Winds Prayer Ministry

"There is something to say about people who always prayed to the Great One; One who overcomes things in a great way.
The authority they carry is strong!” ~Dr. Negiel Bigpond

Market Place prayer ministry at Morning Star is praying over the needs of the businesses in our church while reaching out to minister in prayer in our spheres of influence.
To know and understand the times and cultures we are in, we must be operating with the Issachar anointing (I Chronicles 12:32) to know now to pray for our market place businesses and their leaders.

If you would like prayer please call our prayer line 918-364-8888 or email

Native American Circle of Prayer

Native American Circle of Prayer

The Prayer Circle meets once a week to gain strategy on how best to pray over prayer assignments regarding Native American issues and
praying over the land according to II Chronicles 7:14
The Circle of Prayer travels around the United States and Internationally praying for the healing over the land and bringing reconciliation for past transgressions to the Native people, releasing forgiveness and healing for all people.

The Circle of Prayer also has conference calls on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM to reach out and include many more people into our Circle of Prayer. If you are interested in joining these calls please go to for details.

For more information call 918-364-8888

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